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-Superb talent & skill level- 

-Top-notch professionalism- 

-High energy, lively performance-

The Groove has been entertaining audiences for over 15 years! This band is comprised of six highly skilled musicians, such as The Groove’s guitarist, Harley Talbot, who lends his talents to other local bands, Tommy Baudoin, the band's leader, who has been teaching music for almost 20 years with a prestigious degree in Music Education.

Teddy Baudoin, on keys for The Groove, also has quite an impressive resume with several years of study in Music Education with an emphasis on classical piano at Nicholls State University, and also plays as a solo artist.

Gary, the band's male lead singer is not only an accomplished musician, but has performed for thousands of people and opened for some big names in music.

Sam Lecompte, the drummer of The Groove is an incredibly talented musician that also teaches percussion at multiple schools in the region.

Front woman, Jenna Richard is a seasoned songstress, singing professionally for 15 years and attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California for their Independent Artist program. She is also a Liberal Arts graduate from the University of New Orleans! 


Putting these talented individuals together makes this band's performance really stand out, to say the least! And because of their talents, many of these individual artists have also done original recording and writing projects. The value of this polished group is absolutely unmatched!

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